Internship at Royal NLR:

ESD Test Engineer



Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre: NLR


Department Electromagnetics, Energy Management & Qualification (ASEQ)


NLR Amsterdam, Anthony
Fokkerweg 2, 1059 CM Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Required Profile of Candidate

MSc Electrical Engineering

Start Dates

7 Feb, 2021


12 Weeks

Preferred Language



Only EU nationalities & TUDelft students

Detailed description of work to be done

The overall scope of this internship is to create a detailed test plan for the ESD testing of the Lunar Zebro rover. During this internship, there are certain tasks that involve (but are not limited to):
1) Familiarize with the Lunar Zebro project
2) Familiarize with space systems engineering and space testing procedures
3) Learn about the testing facilities and the limitations of them
4) Research into ESD testing and how the different materials in the Zebro will make this task more difficult.
5) Find the best test profile(s) for the Zebro.
6) Create a detailed test plan in accordance to ECSS-E-10-03A section 4.1.2 which shall:
  • describe and sequence the test procedure
  • state the objectives and the scope of the tests
  • specify the test facilities
  • govern the execution of all the tests
Next to the “Research into ESD testing”, the scope will be extended with:
1. Theoretical background / Physical phenomena
2. Research into ESD standards (ECSS but also EN-61000-4-5, MIL-STD461G, RTCA DO-160, Section 25)
3. Differences and similarities in verification and test procedures and test setups (based on #1)
4. Delivery of technical report / memorandum describing above and delivery of general test procedure (also applicable to other standards)


TU Delft students who are interested can send their CV and motivation letter directly to Erik Wegkamp <[email protected]> at Royal NLR via email.