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[JOB ID: LZ_112]

The partnerships is responsible for managing Lunar Zebro’s collaborators and sponsors. The role includes arranging sponsors and ensuring the partners’ contractual rights are achieved, while supporting their objectives.


Public Relations

Job Type

Part time

Member Type

TU Delft BSc/MSc Student

Minimum Hours per Week

15 Hrs  (incl. 8 hours in daytime)

Start Dates

September, 2020

End Date

September, 2021

Preferred Language



Delft, Netherlands


  • Collaborate in and attend Lunar Zebro events. Participation includes pre-event efforts working closely with the Public Relations department, to secure partner participation and marketing of the event to appropriate audiences, support the day-of activities and complete follow-up tasks.
  • Maintain timely, accurate and thorough documentation of all activities, tasks, contacts and account management.
  • Authentically project and reflect Lunar Zebro’s mission and vision.
  • Organise meetings and calls with the partners to foster relationships and ensure strong co-operation.
  • Deliver partners sponsorship rights and activation programs.
  • Secure new funding.
  • Develop deep partnerships and pipeline to increase Lunar Zebro’s reach and impact within organizations.
  • Demonstrate thoughtful and appropriate time management in extending the vision, strategies and tactics required for sustained partnership and their engagement and implementation .

Required Education and Experience

  • Candidate must be studying in TU Delft to be eligible for the position.
  • Experience in public relations and business networks are desirable.
  • Knowledge and use of Microsoft Office Suite is desirable.

Required Skills

  • Reliability – Accountable to self and others, does what it takes to get the job done, actions are consistent with words, follows through on commitments, exhibits exceptional integrity.
  • Earn trust – is exceptional and persuasive suing communication skills, oral and written, delivers on commitments.
  • Problem solving – is able to develop new ideas that will enhance partnership results, is future-oriented and assesses what will help/hinder achieving goals; focuses on what is important.
  • Attitude – Displays commitment to the organization and to personal growth; self-motivated and able to motivate and inspire others; asserts self appropriately to champion ideas; tells the truth in a direct and constructive manner.
  • Negotiation – can negotiate and influence skilfully and professionally while maintaining relationships.
  • Initiative – Self directed with a strong bias for action and results, displays keen interest in Lunar Zebro’s mission and vision while representing it.

More information?

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