Embedded software ENGINEER





Job Type

Part time

Member Type

BSc 3rd+ year/MSc Student

Minimum Hours per Week

14 hrs

Start Dates

April, 2021

End Date

October, 2021

Preferred Language



Delft, Netherlands


The task will be writing the embedded C++ code for one of the subsystems of Lunar Zebro:

  • ST-NAV-01: Navigation – RGB Camera – Obstacle detection
  • ST-NAV-02: Navigation – Path planning
  • ST-NAV-03: Navigation – RGB Camera programming
  • ST-COM-01: Communications programming
  • ST-CDHS-01: Payload programming
  • ST-CDHS-02: Power Processing Unit (PPU) programming
  • ST-CDHS-03: On-Board Computer (OBC) programming
  • ST-CDHS-04: Diagnostics programming
  • ST-CDHS-05: Locomotion programming
  • ST-CDHS-06: Sensors programming
  • ST-CDHS-07: Umbilical cord programming

Preferred Education and Experience

  • Minimum education level: 3rd year bachelor student at University or HBO
  • Experience with designing and developing (large-scale) software systems on C++ (equivalent to minimum 1 year full time programming experience)
  • Good working knowledge of Linux systems including socket programming, timers and multi-threading
  • Good knowledge and experience about data communication protocols such as RS-422, USB, UART, SPI/I2C
  • Experience/Knowledge of testing frameworks such as Google Test (https://github.com/google/googletest)
  • Experience with working with Git
  • A plus if experienced with a software development life cycle

More information?

Feel free to contact us through email ([email protected]) if you have any questions. To know more about the project, you can follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn.


Students who are interested can apply by filling in this form no later than 7 April 2021. For any questions please contact: [email protected]