Lunar Zebro’s current and future Moon mission are more than technology demonstration missions. Important scientific goals are attached to them, often made attainable thanks to the unique platform the Lunar Zebro rovers provide. These scientific goals open the door to new research for students and scientists, and will help gaining new knowledge on, amongst others,¬†the Moon and the Universe.


Being a faculty project within the Delft University of Technology, one of Lunar Zebro’s objectives is to facilitate new research in the different domains it is exploring. In collaboration with professors across the whole university, the team welcomes creative research topics every year. Aiming to participate in the vertical integration of education, the team is also open for students from¬†partnering universities such as Inholland Hogeschool to complete their theses on Lunar Zebro’s topics. The resulting MSc and BSc theses reflect Lunar Zebro’s academic outputs.